Week 2 April 2007: No rain again this week.

A Happy Easter to our readers.

We spent part of a day mowing this week. The large area to the north of the house is cut with a ride-on mower and the area close to the house is barbered with an old two stroke mower. The large mown area was part of an old sheep camp and was covered in sundry weeds, including thistles and stinging nettles, when we first moved to Yallaroo. After 11 years of regular mowing this area has reverted to native grassland complete with some herbaceous natives and very few weeds.

Female Carpenter Bees are still visiting the flowers of a Crowea exalata in one of our gardens. The bees have been active around this plant for a couple of weeks.

This week we sighted a Brown Quail running through the undergrowth near the house. It is some time since we have seen one of these secretive birds.

We spent some time cleaning up the area around our incinerator. This area had become a trifle untidy. We intend planting a garden to hide the incinerator.

Cut more firewood ready for winter. We now should have enough firewood to heat the house throughout winter.

One day this week a flock of White-eared Choughs were active in the Eucalypts near our front gate. They are rather noisy birds that spend much of their time on the ground. We only see and hear flocks every couple of months.

The Tamworth Group of the Australian Plant Society visited Yallaroo this week. We enjoyed the visit and swapped information and ideas about native plants. We always look forward to these visits. Two members brought a large number of plants for our garden. Included in this horticultural bonanza were Western Australian Eucalypts, Calothamnus and Callistemon plants. They were gratefully received.

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