Week 2 April 2006: Rain = 6.5mm
We take a large number of digital photos of both family and plants. We are happy with the operation of our digital camera & usually take over 150 photos/battery charge. Our sonís digital camera would only take 15 photos/battery charge. We emailed the camera company and were told to try batteries with a minimum 2300ma capacity. Our son fitted two 2500ma batteries and now he is able to take over 150 photos/battery charge. Hopefully this information will help other digital camera users.
We are testing seed germination used smoked water. Seeds of Grevillea beadleana and Hakea pycnoneura were soaked in a 10% smoked water solution for 24 hours. They were sown in seed raising mix and untreated seeds were also sown as a control. The results will be recorded in our Garden Diary.
A Hakea verrucosa is flowering, in one of our gardens. This handsome Western Australian native is about five years old and has flowered three times. We also have a dwarf form but this is a young plant and has not bloomed.
We planted a Eucalyptus ficifolia, Red-flowering Gum, this week. A spot near the house was selected so we will be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers. This species is known as Corymbia ficifolia by some botanists.
Three Carpenter Bees visited one of our Croweas this week. These native bees are larger than the introduced honey bee. At least six species of native bees now visit the gardens at Yallaroo.
We observed some interesting behaviour by a pair of Red-browed Finches this week. They were jumping up and pulling down the seed heads of native grasses in our mown area. We were able to observe this interesting behaviour from our bedroom window.
Some time was spent out of the garden and under the house this week. One of our water pipes sprung a leak. Fortunately polypipe is easy to repair.
For the first time in many years we have caught up with our struck cuttings. All cuttings with roots have been potted-on. Of course within a couple of weeks there will be another group of cuttings ready for potting-on.

Garden Diary