Week 2 April 2005:  Still no rain.
Our birdbaths have an important role to play during this extremely dry period. Our containers are constantly visited by many small native birds that drink and bathe in the water. One birdbath is very popular and needs topping-up once a day.
We are experimenting with take-away Chinese food containers for seed germination. Over the years we have acquired a large number of these clear plastic containers. We are wetting seed raising mix and placing a layer about one centimetre deep in a container. Seeds, of species that normally grow in moist situations, are sprinkled on the seed raising mix. The lid, of the container, is replaced and we have a sealed, germinating container. We will try Callistemon, Leptospermum and Melaleuca seeds. Our results will be posted in the Garden Diary.
All our new plantings have been mulched with sawdust this week. As the drought drags on it is imperative to reduce water loss by evaporation. There is a positive side to the weather conditions. Weed germination and growth has virtually ceased.

Garden Diary