Week 2 April 2003: Another 45.5 mm in the gauge this week. The rain just keeps coming for which we are truly grateful.
A Hakea verrucosa is in full flower in the garden. This prickly Western Australian native has pink flowers that age to red. From a distance the plants resembles a Grevillea. Hakea verrucosa is a very attractive plant that attracts honeyeaters. The prickly foliage also provides nesting sites for small birds.
A flock of White-winged Choughs visited Yallaroo this week. These black and white birds move around in flocks of 15 or so. They build a community mud nest and it appears that all members, of the flock, take turns in sitting on the eggs. They all help to raise the young.
Spent a couple of days in Bingara this week. Bingara is a small town about 150 km north west of Yallaroo. The town was raising money for Kids with Cancer and we talked to people about the joys of cultivating native plants. We also travelled around the area. Saw some interesting plants, a Second World War rifle range and numerous old gold mining shafts. Acacia leiocalyx was in full flower in the bush. We are not familiar with this species but it does have horticultural potential. We also bought a Callistemon Rocky Rambler. This is an unusual ground covering Bottlebrush that may be extinct in the wild. Five Hundred dollars was raised on the day.

Garden Diary