Week 1 September 2016:  Rain = 28 millimetres. This good rain, plus what we have had already, means that we are in for a great spring. With virtually no evaporation the rain is soaking into the ground.

There were two celebrations this week. Firstly the 1st September was Wattle Day. Many of our wattles are beginning to bloom. Then later in the week was Fathersí Day. All our children rang with best wishes.

One afternoon we visited a friend who has a place north east of Armidale. He is a keen native enthusiast. His mother, who is also an enthusiast, was visiting him. We had a pleasant afternoon talking all things botanical and horticultural with the emphasis on native plants.

This week we started to erect the electric fence around the vegetable area. This will take a little time as erection is not as simple as it appears in the brochures. We also assembled the last raised, metal vegetable bed. This means that we now have four of these beds as well as a number of timber beds already in place.

We sowed vegetable seeds and also potted on seedling Acacia nana, Acacia subulata and Hakea multilineata.

We moved two sheets of corrugated iron from our new garden bed. They had been in place for few weeks. All the grass and weeds had expired under the iron. This area is now ready for planting. Last week we placed about six more sheets of iron on this area.

Wildlife observations: One afternoon we saw seven Red-necked Wallabies feeding along our road. This is the largest number we have observed together. On another afternoon there were ten Grey Kangaroos and two Red-necked Wallabies feeding on our mown area. The Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters and White-winged Choughs are still around. Last spring a pair of Blue Wrens spent some months in the plants near our lounge room windows. This week they returned. They must be able to see their reflections.


Garden Diary