Week 1 September 2015: 15.5 millimetres rain.

There were two celebratory days this week. Firstly we wish all a Happy Wattle Day on the 1st of the month. Secondly we wish a Happy Fathers Day, to all applicable, on the first Sunday of the month.

This week we dug up our strawberry plants from one of our vegetable beds. The bed is been rejuvenated which includes weeding and mixing in fresh soil plus fertiliser. The strawberries were placed in individual pots. In the fullness of time they will be replanted in a vegetable bed.

We will continue the fruit and vegetable theme. This week we sowed beetroot, turnip and radish seeds. We also potted on some butternut pumpkin seedlings that germinated in our worm farm.

Wildlife observations: The most important wildlife event was a visit from the Armidale Birdwatchers. This very knowledgeable group, in a couple of hours, identified 28 birds including four species that are new. They are Little Lorikeets, Musk Lorikeets, a Blue-faced Honeyeater and the call of a Striped Honeyeater was heard. This takes our bird list to over 90 species recorded at Yallaroo. Two skink lizards were sighted chasing each other on our deck. One afternoon a Swamp Wallaby was seen on our road. A pair of thrushes is nesting in our plastic house amongst our tube plants. The nest has two eggs. This is the third time they have used this nest.


Garden Diary