Week 1 September 2014: No rain this week.

September 1st was Wattle Day. This week our garden is a blaze of yellow.

Fathers’ Day was celebrated this week. Some of our grandchildren even sang “Happy Fathers Day” on Sunday.

We continued potting on this week. Melaleuca violacea, Westringia sp, Grevillea anethifolia and Callistemon formosus found their way into tubes.

The big event, one morning, was a visit from Jennifer, the local ABC Radio manager. We had a walk around the garden plus an extended recorded interview and plenty of photos taken. The interview will be broadcast next week. We had an enjoyable time and Jennifer was interested in our garden, wildlife and horticultural philosophy.

On Saturday we had our talkback gardening programme. Our three-weekly broadcast is working out very well and Mark the announcer makes the 30 minutes very enjoyable.

We split some firewood one day. In the very near future we will not need the fire, at night, as the weather warms. We also mulched some of our recent plantings.

We have an Acacia leptoclada flowering for the first time. This is a local species that grows in the Inverell area, northwest of Yallaroo.

Two wildlife sightings this week: a Swamp Wallaby spent some time feeding on the edge of our road. Also some tadpoles were observed in our big pond. They have hatched from the rafts of spawn that appeared in the pond last week.


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