Week 1 September 2013:  No rain again this week. The garden is becoming very dry. Everyone is talking about the need for rain.

On a more cheerful note: Happy Wattle Day and also Happy Fathersí Day.

We made use of our grey water this week. A fair bit of time was spent watering newer plantings.

Plenty of cuttings producing roots. Since using commercial seed raising mix our success with cuttings has increased dramatically.

We have potted on struck cuttings of Eremophila microtheca, Hakea bakeriana, Correa glabra, Banksia Giant Candles (similar to B. ericifolia), Grevillea Evelynís Coronet and Grevillea mollis.

This week we mulched a section of our new North Garden with sawdust. We try to mulch as we plant. We also dug holes and planted 14 plants in this garden.  

In our vegetable beds we planted Scarlet Runner plants plus beetroot seedlings. We put together two extra raised timber vegetable beds recently. This week we filled one of these beds with soil from an old bed.

Two wildlife sightings this week. The warm weather has brought out the reptiles. One day we sighted two Jacky Lizards. We dug a hole recently, near our shed, to plant passionfruit vines in the near future. One morning, when filling the hole with water, a large Burrowing Frog jumped out. We moved the frog to one of our ponds.

We are now able to place items on the local Australian Plant Society web site:

( http://www.aps-armidale.org.au/ ) Our first item is a description and photo of Acacia cardiophylla.


Garden Diary