Week 1 September 2012: No rain this week.

The 1st of September is Wattle Day and was marked by the launch of A Celebration of Wattle by Maria Hitchcock from Armidale. The book was launched in Canberra by the Hon Peter Garrett a Federal Government Minister and is an updated version of Maria’s earlier book Wattle. We recommend this publication to anyone interested in Australia’s flora. Maria has also written Correas Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens. Another interesting publication that provides information on our unique flora.

Happy Father’s Day on Sunday 2nd. The Armidale Birdwatchers visited Yallaroo on Sunday. Plenty of birds to watch and the visitors where also interested in the garden that we have created that provides a haven for many native birds.

The garden was extended further this week with 21 plants going into the ground. We also potted on struck cuttings of Prostanthera nivea var induta and Grevillea willisii.

Our Jacky Lizards are coming out of their winter hibernation. We observed several lizards in the garden this week.

Acacia viscidula plants are beginning to burst into bloom. This wattle is one of seven species that occurs naturally on Yallaroo.

This week we planted a passionfruit vine in a large pot. The pot was placed against the north wall of our shed. The vine will be trained to climb on chicken wire against the shed.

One day this week our solar hot water system was finally installed. Hopefully this will reduce our electricity bills.


Garden Diary