Week 1 September 2011: No rain this week.

Happy Wattle Day (1/9) to all our readers and Happy Fathers Day (4/9) to all applicable readers.

Flowering this week were Acacia prominens, the Gosford or Golden Rain Wattle (this latter name could apply to any number of wattles), Grevillea semperflorens, G. Canterbury Gold and G. acropogon.

We planted 25 plants this week. We also dug more holes and mulched around the new plants.

One morning, whilst walking around the garden, we noticed the tadpoles, in one of our ponds, are growing. There was also a clump of frog spawn in the pond.

Some struck cuttings of Correa Autumn Blaze were potted on this week. We bought the parent plant a short while ago and unfortunately after planting it was eaten to the ground by rabbits. The plant may recover but if not there are at least 15 cuttings that have taken root. We always take cuttings of any purchased plant. This builds up the numbers but is also insurance against a disaster such as befell the “Autumn Blaze”.

A few months ago we sowed mustard seeds in the vegetable ring that tomatoes grew in last summer. This week we dug in the mustard plants. Mustard is supposed to be fatal to nematodes.

One afternoon we spied a Burtons Legless Lizard wriggling across the path near the house. This is only the third time that we have observed this interesting reptile at Yallaroo.

The latter part of the week was spent inside. We have culled our books and those not required will go to Rotary. They have a large book sale annually. The books we are keeping plus their book shelves were moved into our family room. The room now resembles a small library. We now have the computer and reference books in the one room.


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