Week 1 September 2010: Rain = 20.5 millimetres

Happy Wattle Day to our readers.

This week we spent a few days visiting family at Gosford, on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. Whilst there we met a couple who had visited our garden a few years ago. We have hosted a large number of visitors to Yallaroo over the years.

On the way home we visited the State Forest Nursery at Muswellbrook. We purchased about 15 different Western Australian mallees, a few Acacia buxifolia plants and a double-grafted citrus tree. A Meyer Lemon and lime were grafted onto the one root. The citrus will live in a large pot on our back patio.

At home there were quite a few birds around the house. These included Willie Wagtails, Grey Fantails and Peewees.

Plenty of flowers in the garden as well as great displays of Wattles. Our pink-flowering Hakea decurrens plants are in full bloom. A number of Grevilleas are also flowering. Grevillea acropogon, Grevillea semperflorens and a hybrid Grevillea juniperina are all blooming bounteously.

Towards the end of the week we cut up another Eucalyptus albens that we felled a few weeks ago. The wood will be stacked and allowed to dry over summer ready for heating next winter.

On our way into town we were pleasantly surprised to see a new mobile phone tower on a ridge east of Yallaroo. The 60 metre tower had been constructed in a week. Once the antennas and ancillary equipment is installed we hopefully will have reliable mobile reception.


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