A.pycnantha.JPG (43425 bytes)Week 1 September 2008:   Rain = 28.5 mm this week

We wish all our readers a Happy Wattle Day (1st September). See the image of Acacia pycnantha, Australiaís floral emblem.

This week we spent away from home. We travelled to Sydney to greet our new granddaughter.

We stayed near Parramatta Park, a large open space in western Sydney and spent some time walking through the Park. During our perambulations we came across some beautiful cultivated Indigofera australis shrubs covered in lilac flower spikes.

Unfortunately during our stay we lost our digital camera. This was rather sad as we had taken thousands of photos with this camera over a period of five years. On more positive notes we had downloaded the photos of our new granddaughter and also we were able to buy a new camera that has more features than our old one. We bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ15 camera and are very happy with its performance.

We visited the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. We were rather disappointed with some of the plant labelling and the lack of native plants. The Gardens are a well-used open space in the centre of Sydney that is visited by thousands of people every day.

We travelled back to Parramatta via the Rive Cat. This is a ferry service that runs up the Parramatta River. It is a pleasant, interesting, restful and scenic way to travel.

We also travelled south to Mittagong to see our sonís renovated house. We spent some time, in April, helping him with landscaping and installing a new kitchen. Since then he and his partner have transformed the house.

On the way back to Yallaroo we stayed at our eldest daughter and her familyís home on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. Whilst there we visited the Wildflower Place, a native plant nursery. A number of plants were purchased as a Fatherís Day present. Included in the present were: Grevillea ripicola, Grevillea sericea and Lambertia uniflora.

We stopped at Tamworth on the way home and visited two members of the Australian Plant Society. They showed us their garden and generously gave us a number of plants including a number of Calothamnus and Allocasuarina.

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