Week 1 September 2004: Rain = 1mm.

The first day of September was National Wattle Day. At this time of the year both gardens and bushland glow with splashes of yellow throughout the continent.

Spent a fair bit of time photographing the Wattles in our garden. We aim to have at least one new species flowering, in the garden, every spring.

We managed to sandwich some planting and mulching between taking photos.

We took the new car on an outing during the week. We travelled to Apsley Falls in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, east of Walcha. This section of the Park protects a tall waterfall and some magnificent gorge country. We saw plenty of flowering Wattles. Acacia amoena, Acacia dealbata and Acacia filicifolia were in full flower.

A pink flowering form of Prostanthera lasianthos also grows in the vicinity of Apsley Falls. This shrub flowers in December.

The car enjoyed the trip and visit, as did the passengers.

Garden Diary