Week 1 September 2002: Spring has sprung and this week we had 21mm of welcome rain. In the last fortnight Yallaroo has received 53mm. Not enough to break the drought but enough to put smiles on the faces of local gardeners. We have been inspired to continue our planting program. The rain has soaked into the ground and that, plus warmer weather should encourage our new plants to take off.
There are lots of plants in flower both in the bush and in the garden. Many of the hills around Yallaroo have patches of yellow appearing among the Eucalypts. These are clumps of Acacia neriifolia. In the garden our Eremophila nivea x drummondii is in full flower. The one metre high plants are covered in lilac tubular flowers. Eremophila microtheca is also flowering. These small plants also have lilac flowers.
Wattle Day was celebrated on the 1st of September. Our wattles are contributing to the spring floral extravaganza. In the garden we have Acacia flexifolia, A. howittii, Acacia rubida, Acacia polybotrya and Acacia fimbriata in full flower.
This week we received a recent publication from the Australian Daisy Study Group. Everlasting Daisies of Australia is an excellent publication and covers the identification, propagation and cultivation of these beautiful plants. This is a book that will become a well-thumbed volume in our library at Yallaroo.

Garden Diary