Week 1 October 2016: Rain = 7.5 millimetres.

This week 15 plants went into our garden north of our house. This garden is developing nicely thanks to the great rain from June onwards. We also planted raspberries, dwarf beans, zucchini and squash into our renovated vegetable area.

Our potting on also continued apace. This week struck cuttings of Crowea exalata and Eremophila Red Desert and the rare Pimelea venosa were potted on into tubes. This Pimelea, although rare in nature produces roots rapidly. A local nursery and community nursery are also involved in propagating this species. Certainly the future of this Pimelea is assured.

One morning we visited friends who live in northern Armidale. They are keen plant propagators and have an interesting garden with a mix of natives and exotics. We had a very pleasant morning and came home with a bagful of cutting material. The next morning was spent preparing and putting in the cuttings. A total of 170 cuttings found a home in our propagating unit.

Still lots of blooming plants including Hakea purpurea with huge sprays of red flowers, Pandorea pandorana is in full flower on our back patio and Grevillea Jelly Baby is blooming in a garden near our deck.

Wildlife observations: A Koala was sighting running from one tree to another north of the house. this is our second sighting of a Koala. Lots of Caper White butterflies in the garden. These black and white butterflies are blown from western NSW to the east when strong westerly winds blow in early spring.


Garden Diary