Week 1 October 2013: Rain = 8 millimetres

Our son had to travel to Scone, a town south of Tamworth, NSW. We spent the weekend with him and his family in a house at Glenbawn Dam. This huge water storage not far from Scone and holds five times the water in Sydney Harbour. Whilst there we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We spent some time fishing (no success), bushwalking and generally enjoying each others company.

When we retuned home and when walking around the garden noticed that our plum and pear trees were forming fruit.

Our resident pair of Willie Wagtails had built a nest in a Hakea salicifolia before we went away. On our return we found that their nest had been destroyed, probably by a Currawong. This did not deter our Wagtails and now they are building another nest in a Lilly Pilly (Acmena sp) that is in a pot on our sheltered patio. Last year and the year before they have successfully nested in another patio Lilly Pilly. Hopefully this time nesting will also be successful.


Garden Diary