Week 1 October 2012: No rain this week.

Plenty of spring blooms in the gardens at Yallaroo. This week Hakea macreana, Hakea oleifolia, Hakea microcarpa, Grevillea vestita and Prostanthera nivea var induta are all blooming bounteously.

Encountered a Red-bellied Black Snake on the road just outside our entrance. We managed to avoid each other. This is the first snake of the season. There are plenty of lizards around.

Lots of avian activity at Yallaroo this week. This was particularly so around the house. A pair of Willie Wagtails have returned and renovated a nest that they used last year. This is in a container plant just beside our back door. Also near the back door Yellow-faced Honeyeaters have a nest in a Clematis vine. Three metres from the back door a pair of Thrushes are using a nest also used last year. This rather unkempt nest was built in the bend of the down pipe that carries water to our tank. At the front of the house, on the verandah, four baby swallows have left the mud nest that has been used for many years.

Planting continued apace this week. Forty-two tubes went into the garden. Only a few hundred tubes to go.

We eat a lot of mandarins and this season we have been collecting and sowing their seeds. This week three varieties have germinated. We will be interested in seeing how the plants develop and what sort of fruit they produce if the seedlings survive.

The garden is drying out somewhat so this week we watered some of our recent plantings with grey water.

One afternoon, towards the end of the week, we visited friends from Canberra. They have a property east of Yallaroo. During this visit they planted a mixture of natives and exotics. Their garden is developing nicely.

New on the Site: Correa Canberra Bells and Grevillea speciosa.


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