Week 1 October 2011: Rain = 20.5 millimetres. More welcome rain. Our house tank overflowed again.

On the Saturday we went to the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. We were going to talk about local native plants and we had collected material of many local species that are growing in our garden. It was a terrible day, very cold and wet. So terrible that no one came to the talk. A bit disappointing but these things happen. We did talk about the specimens from the garden to some of the volunteers that work at the nursery. Coming home from Armidale there was a dense layer of snow on the road so the weather conditions were a trifle inclement.

We did some pruning this week. Some of our paths are becoming rather overgrown. Apart from keeping the paths clear the pruning will thicken up the plants we subject to secateur attack.

This week we potted on some Black Russian Tomatoes and Patersonias (Purple Flags). Twelve plants went into the ground as well as eight Tommy Toe and Yellow Pear Tomatoes in one of our vegetable rings.

Our strawberry plants are flowering and fruiting well. We have three varieties: Alinta, Red Gauntlet and Torrey.

There were two wildlife sightings of interest this week. Firstly a Red-necked Wallaby hopped past our verandah one afternoon. Secondly a Jacky Lizard spent some time in a Clematis vine near our deck. We think that the lizard was catching insects visiting the Clematis flowers.

                                        Garden Diary