Week 1 October 2010:  Rain = 16 millimetres. This was enough to cause our house tank to overflow again.

This is an important week at Yallaroo. It is our 47th wedding anniversary this week.

On the weekend we had a visit from the Tamworth group of the Australian Plant Society. We spent the weekend with them last week. This week we had a walk around the garden and they left bearing plastic bags full of cuttings.

Spring plus the rain has been great for the garden and plants are bursting into bloom every where. This week Acacia pubifolia, Grevillea vestita, lots of Prostantheras and the unusual Melaleuca blaeriifolia were all flowering like fury.

Many of the Wattles have finished flowering and this week we started cutting off their spent blooms. This will ensure that the plants will remain bushy and provide plenty of spring colouring throughout the garden next year.

Our birds are starting to nest. This week we found a Yellow-faced Honeyeater nest in a Prostanthera near our power pole.

Spring planting moved into full swing this week. We found homes for 27 plants. Coupled with planting is digging holes and mulching. We have a rather large backlog of plants to put in the ground.

We have an Eriostemon myoporioides that is covered in flowers and they in turn are covered with Blue Flower Wasps. These brightly coloured insects are frequent visitors to the garden but we have not seen them in such large numbers before.

We put a cutting of our fig tree in the propagator a couple of weeks ago. The other day we found that it had produced a mass of roots. The fig will be potted on into a large pot and eventually finish up in our orchard.

The frogs are responding to the wet weather. This week their calls from our Little Dam were deafening.  

New on the Site: Acacia pubifolia and Grevillea vestita.


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