Week 1 October 2009: Rain = 21 millimetres. This was enough rain to fill our house tank to overflowing.

Early in the week we sighted three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and a solitary Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. We have not seen the former for many months and the latter rarely visit Yallaroo.

A pair of Striated Pardalotes has occupied the nesting tube under our patio roof. They appear to be feeding babies. Last year they successfully raised fledglings. Hopefully they will succeed again this year.

On Saturday we left rather early and drove south to Tamworth. We did our talkback ABC garden programme from Myrtle Farm garden. This beautiful, mainly native garden was part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme and was open to visitors over the weekend. The programme was very successful and later we did two garden walks and talks. Over 80 people attended these walks and talks. Over the weekend many hundreds of people visited Myrtle Farm.

Whilst in Tamworth we found time to visit another interesting native garden as well as a trip to a local pet shop. We bought a number of tropical fish for our aquarium.

Later in the week we tried an experiment with cuttings. We had heard that a commercial native plant nursery was propagating cuttings using very short plant lengths (about four centimetres long) in small pots. We are trying this method using thumb pots. We are placing six cuttings in each thumb pot.

This week we planted a Scarlet Runner Bean seedling in a pot with the bottom cut out. The pot was filled with a soil/compost mix and placed close to our shed. The bean plant will climb up wire netting attached to the shed and hopefully the roots will grow into the ground under the pot.

We have a number of Melaleuca wilsonii plants scattered throughout the garden. This week they burst into bloom.

Also this week we heard our first Channel-billed Cuckoo. These birds migrate, every spring, from Southeast Asia and lay their eggs in Pied Currawong nests.

A milestone in this the first week in October. It marks our 46th wedding anniversary.


Garden Diary