Rock-art.JPG (50229 bytes)Week 1 October 2007: No rain this week

A lot happened  this week. Firstly it was our 44th wedding anniversary and secondly one of our daughters and two granddaughters spent the week with us. An enjoyable time was had by all.

We also heard from Activ8me a Satellite Broadband provider. They have been registered by the Department of Communications and are able to provide the rebate for Satellite Broadband connection. We sent our application and it should not be long before our intent access speed increases dramatically (by about 15 times). A number of local internet users are connected to Activ8me.

We walked to our Small Dam one day and counted over 20 Small Tree Frogs sitting on the rushes that are growing in the water. We also observed three Long-necked Tortoises in the water.

We spent a morning walking in the Yarrowyck Nature Reserve. The Reserve protects some examples of Aboriginal rock art (see image) and is on the western side of Mount Yarrowyck. This is the large lump of rock that features in our home page photograph.

Hakea microcarpa and Leptospermum brevipes were two plants that are in full flower at present.

In early September we mentioned that Grey Thrushes had built a nest in our propagating house and laid two eggs. This week both eggs hatched. From lay to hatch took 20 days.

We have a specimen of Hakea multilineata in one of our gardens. Last spring the plant flowered but produced no fruits. This spring the plant flowered profusely and now there are a number of woody fruits developing. These will be harvested when mature, the seeds extracted and sown to produce more of this beautiful Hakea.

This week we continued potting-on struck cuttings. This time we potted-on a number of struck Crowea exalata cuttings. We have had some trouble striking this species but these cuttings had developed excellent roots.

New on Site: Hakea microcarpa.


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