Week 1 October 2003:  70 mm rain this week. An excellent score seeing that we had only 4.5 mm in September. The rain was a welcome present for our 40th wedding anniversary this week.
Received some Prostanthera ringens cuttings from friends. They collected the material from a site in central New South Wales. This species is a small Mintbush with tubular flowers similar in shape the Eremophila blooms. We are hoping that the cuttings will strike.
A student from the University came out this week. She is using Yallaroo as a field site for research on Bulbine Lilies.
Walked down to our Big Dam this week and saw two schools of fish. They are either goldfish or Golden Perch (Yellow Bellies). We introduced the Perch some time ago and the goldfish were released before we bought Yallaroo. Hopefully they will be Perch. We need to see them again for a positive identification.
A pair of Galahs may be nesting in a hollow in one of our White Boxes (Eucalyptus albens). They are spending time stripping off the bark around the entrance to the hollow.
Our Internet access speed has halved. Telstra is working on the problem.

Garden Diary