Week 1 October 2002: A big week for the Sheathers. Travelled to Gosford, north of Sydney, to await the arrival of our third grandchild. He arrived on Tuesday. Baby, mother, father, sister and grandparents are doing well.
We travelled to Gosford via Thunderboltís Way and Pacific Highway. Thunderboltís Way is named after a famous (or infamous) bushranger who operated in the New England area.
The road has been recently sealed after extensive and expensive roadwork. Part of the road passes through forested country and in this area there has been dense regeneration along the disturbed roadsides. One of the regenerating species is Cassinia leptocephala. The tall, multi-stemmed shrubs are in full flower. Each branch is crowned by a golden yellow flower head. This species has great potential both as a garden subject and cut flower.
On the way to Gosford we stopped at the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens. This splendid area is about halfway between Armidale and Gosford. They usually have a few plants for sale and this time was no exception. We purchased a Calothamnus graniticus. We have a soft spot for this Western Australian genus with their delicate foliage and bright red flowers.
This momentous week was also our 39th wedding anniversary and our daughterís 11th.

Garden Diary