Week 1 October 2001: Planted some tomatoes this week. Hopefully we have seen the last frost.
We have two dams on Yallaroo. This is a large one to the east and a smaller dam to the west. We often see Long-necked Tortoises in the large dam and this week, for the first time, saw a tortoise in our small dam. This tortoise had to walk at least 500 metres to reach this body of water from our large dam (the closest body of water).
We have been using kitchen paper sandwiches to germinate large seeds such as Banksias and Hakeas. This method has been very successful and we now have a number of seedlings that will be planted in the New Year.
Bought some tube stock from the local native Tree Group Nursery. Picked up a couple of rare local she oaks (Allocasuarina rupicola), two Banksia occidentalis and a couple of Correas.
Pressing on with planting in the Lawn Garden. Nearly 150 plants have now made their home in this garden. There are now only about 1500 to go.
Birds are nesting near the house. Blue Wrens are nesting in a saltbush (Rhagodia species). They nested in this shrub last year. This week saw some interesting behaviour by a pair of White-browed Scrub Wrens. They raised two fledglings after nesting in a Correa near our back patio. One parent kept the juveniles fed and the other parent proceeded to build another nest, in a pot amongst some native violets near our back steps. At the moment one parent is feeding and as far as we can tell the other is sitting on eggs.
This week we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary.

Garden Diary