Week 1 November 2016: Rain = 11 millimetres.

This week we walked around our regenerating woodland. We were pleasantly surprised to find large areas of flowering Bulbine lilies (Bulbine bulbosa). These are the largest areas of these yellow-flowering native lilies we have observed on Yallaroo. No doubt the growth was triggered by the good rain in winter.

Planting continued this week with 13 plants going into the ground. We also potted on rooted cuttings of a prostrate from of Kunzea ambigua, Grevillea Winpara Gem and seedling Acacia uncinata.

Spring flowering continued this week with Callistemon Firebrand, Kunzea Badja Carpet and Grevillea evansiana bursting into bloom.

Some time was spent relaxing and watching the first test cricket match between Australia and South Africa. Australia was comprehensively beaten.

Work continued in our vegetable area. More dwarf beans and zucchinis were planted. We also picked the first leaves from our silver beet. We have a fig plant in one of our gardens that was struggling. This week we dug up the fig and replanted into a large pot that has been placed in the vegetable area. We also received some water chestnut plants from Ebay. They were planted in a large container with no drainage holes. The container also found a home in the vegetable area.

Some pruning was undertaken using our cordless hedger. This has proved to be a very useful tool.

On Saturday the Armidale Tree Group, the local community nursery, had an open day. We gave a talk on providing habitat for small native birds. Unfortunately Saturday was also the day when a large number of local gardens were open. Consequently very few people attended the talk. This was rather disappointing.

Wildlife observations: A pair of Leatherheads (Noisy Friarbirds) was spending time feeding on our blooming bottlebrushes near the house. These large honeyeaters have a very raucous call. Three introduced Indian (Common) Mynahs spent some time feeding on our large mown area. They left after a couple of days.


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