Week 1 November 2013:
This week was spent at Winda Woppa near Tea Gardens a coastal town north of Newcastle. The occasion was the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary with our family. We rented 2 houses to accommodate everyone.
One night we had a seafood celebration dinner together with a rich chocolate cake.
We spent time swimming, walking along the nearby beach, fishing (with no success) to name a few activities.
One morning we visited a local market. The highlight, of this visit, was finding a Xanthorrhoea minor (Grasstree) in full flower. This is a dwarf species with multiple flower heads.
A Ringtail Possum paid a visit to one of the houses one night.
We also went on a bushwalk through some coastal heath. The highlight of this walk was the number of Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi) in full bloom along the track. We were also intrigued by the number of reptile tracks in the sandy soil.
Speaking of sand. We also visited Myall Lakes National Park and walked on the extensive sand dunes. We were reminded of photos of the Sahara. On this visit we saw a Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) in full flower.
At the end of the week, after an enjoyable time, we set off for Sydney.

Garden Diary