Week 1 November 2012: No rain

We still spent time visiting a relative in hospital but managed to fit in some horticultural activities.

We potted on seedling silver beets and Tommy Toe Tomatoes as well as struck cuttings of Grevillea diversifolia.

We also picked up and assembled a seven piece timber outdoor setting for our front verandah. This is replacing a plastic table and chairs that is becoming a trifle bedraggled.

Last week we bought four timber vegetable garden beds from Bunnings Hardware. This week we assembled on unit and filled it with soil from one of our rings that we made from the frame of an old above ground swimming pool. The ring lasted for a number of years but has begun to rust out. We have four rings and the others will be replaced in the fullness of time.

A few weeks ago we pruned a large hybrid wattle almost to ground level. The plant had become too tall and was blocking part of our western view. This week we noticed that the wattle had begun to sprout. This time we will judiciously prune the plant to keep it to a reasonable height.

Plenty of flowering, in the garden, this week. Acacia mearnsii, Melaleuca tortifolia, Eucalyptus elliptica, Melaleuca steedmanii, Callistemon phoeniceus and Callistemon serpentinus are all blooming bounteously. Of particular interest is our Hymenosporum flavum that flowered for the first time this week. This is a rainforest species whose common name is Native Frangipani because the cream flowers have the same perfume as the exotic Frangipani. The plant is growing in one of our dense shrubberies so it is protected from the vagaries of our changeable climate.  

Garden Diary