Week 1 November 2008: Rain = 27mm. The rain keeps coming. The garden is very appreciative.

On the weekend we spent some time at a local native garden that was part of an Armidale garden tour. We spoke, on both days, about native plants in general and pruning in particular. Plants were also for sale at the garden so of course we purchased some including: Grevillea Bedspread, Grevillea shiressii, Harnieira kempiana, Homoranthus decumbens, Phebalium elatius and Rulingia kempiana.

Spent two days and a night in hospital having some plumbing repairs. Everything worked out well. Garden activities will be a trifle curtailed for a few weeks.

More plants are still flowering including: Acacia parvipinnula, Kunzea pomifera, Melaleuca pentagona and Leptospermum rotundifolia.


Garden Diary