Week 1 November 2005: Rain = 81.5mm.
This was a great week for rain. The tanks are overflowing and everything is blooming bounteously.
Our Grevillea shiressii has a couple of flowers. This is a rare species from the Central Coast of New South Wales. This is our only specimen but we are propagating more from cuttings.
Many Callistemons are still flowering and the Noisy Friarbirds are still sipping their nectar.
We did some planting this week. We are still replacing plants that expired in winter or were victims of rabbit attack. We are slowly getting on top of these problems. The plants were mulched with sawdust.
White-browed Scrub Wrens are building a nest in a pot near our back door. Usually these are rather shy birds but over the years they have built a number of nests in pots on our back patio.
We visited a garden near Armidale. The owners are friend who we have known for many years. They have a restful garden that is a mixture of natives and exotics. One plant that caught our eye was a beautiful Eremophila that has large pinkish flowers. We were allowed to take some cuttings.
Mowing occupied some of our time this week. Because of the rain and warm weather our grassed areas are growing furiously.
We have two different Geraldton Wax plants that are in full flower. A large Carpenter Bee spent some time visiting the flowers this week. We are seeing more species of native bees in the garden and we becoming accustomed to identifying them.
Every year, in early November, Armidale has a number of gardens open for inspection. This year one of the open gardens was Hyacinth Hill, a splendid native garden west of Armidale. We gave a talk on plant propagation, on Saturday morning, in the garden. About 30 interested visitors attended the talk. Over the weekend Hyacinth Hill hosted hundreds of visitors.
There were also native plants for sale from the Mole Station Nursery near Tenterfield. They grow high quality plants at reasonable prices. Of course we were tempted and came away with 13 plants including Leptospermum spectabile. This is a Tea Tree with large red flowers from the northwest of Sydney .
This week we had a screen door fitted to the front entrance of the house. This will allow cooling breezes to circulate down our hall during the hot summer months.

Garden Diary