Week 1 November 2001: We were rather busy this week. Our son, Lachlan is visited for a week or so.
Our Nellie Kelly Passionfruit vines are flowering. Last season 1 vine produced 100 fruits. We now have two vines and are expecting a bumper crop. We freeze the surplus by putting entire fruits in the freezer. We also put in some cuttings to boost numbers and to take over when the oldest vine runs out of steam.
Our White Mulberry (another “edible exotic”) is covered in fruit. The long, thin, white fruit are very sweet and have the appearance of an anemic witchety grubs. Because of their colour birds ignore the fruit.
Spent two days at the coast. Coffs Harbour is a bit over two hours from Yallaroo. The drive to the coast, along the Waterfall Way, passes through a number of different environments. We stopped off at Dorrigo National Park Rainforest Centre. The Centre has a shop, restaurant, rainforest display area and a marvelous Skywalk. The Skywalk is about 100 metres long and takes visitors above the rainforest canopy to a viewing platform. There is a spectacular view of the coast and mountains from the viewing platform.
As per usual we visited a couple of nurseries on the way home. One was at Coffs Harbour in a large hardware shop. This is one of the best nurseries we have visited. Plenty of healthy stock, lots of natives and all at reasonable prices. We bought a variegated Prostanthera lasianthos and a large Banksia robur. We also stopped at a nursery in Bellingen, inland from Coffs Harbour. Our purchases included a NSW Christmas Bush, Ceratopetalum gummiferum and a semi-prostrate Acacia amblygona.
Made a stop at some roadside vegetation, about 25 km east of Armidale. An interesting form of Grevillea juniperina grows here. It has prickly foliage with a grey-green tinge and pink flowers. Collected some cutting material. This makes about five different forms of Grevillea juniperina growing naturally on the Northern Tablelands.

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