Week 1 May 2016: Rain = 16 millimetres this is another fall that has refreshed the garden.

Last week we cut up part of a dead tree for firewood. One morning, this week, we split the wood and carted it to our firewood heap near the shed. We used our ride-on mower and trailer to transport the wood. We find that we use our ride-on more for transporting rock, soil, firewood etc than for mowing.

This week 36 plants went into the ground in the garden north of the house. This garden is now home to hundreds of plants. A fair percentage are surviving and thriving.

We also continued potting on. This week struck cuttings of Goodenia decurrens, Melaleuca macrorhyncha and Prostanthera lasianthos were potted on.

This week we had our Datsun 1200 utility checked and passed for registration. We have had this vehicle for decades. It has a certain antique value as it is a 1970ís model.

We cut down some Acacia implexa plants that have grown near our lounge room. In the fullness of time they would have blocked our view. The cut material did not go to waste. The stems and leaves were chipped and used in our ALDI composter.  The chipped material was mixed with old sawdust, blood and bone and dynamic lifter and mixed in the composter.

Wildlife observations: Five King Parrots visited our bird feeder one morning. A flock of Yellow-rumped Thornbills were foraging on our road near the gate. Eight White-winged Choughs spent some time on the mown area near our front verandah. Two of the flock had a drink from one of our birdbaths.


Garden Diary