Week 1 May 2013: No rain recorded this week

Early in the week we put in a large number of Brachyscome and Scaevola cuttings. These will be for our son-in-law who is a teacher at a Sydney public school. He has involved the pupils in landscaping the school grounds. We have supplied Correas and other plants previously and are happy to support this project.

Last week we mentioned a flock of Choughs that visited Yallaroo. This week they returned on two days except this time there were 20 in the flock instead of 10. On one visit they foraged in a garden whilst we were standing only two metres away.

This week we filled our fourth timber vegetable bed with soil. The soil came from an old vegetable ring that has rusted out. At the same time we scattered a heap of old vegetable seeds on another raised bed. The seeds were covered with a layer of soil. When they germinate we will dig in the resulting plants as a green manure crop.

Twenty seven plants went into the ground this week. We also started a new garden in an area north of the house. This area cannot be mowed because of the presence of large rocks.

We spent time watering newer plantings with grey water. This has become a regular event because of the paucity of rainfall.

We harvested more pomegranate fruit this week and removed the juicy seeds. There are still more fruit to be harvested.

We potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea willisii and yellow pear tomatoes. We are trying to keep struck tomato cuttings through winter in our propagating unit ready for planting in spring.


Garden Diary