Week 1 May 2010:  Rain = 16 millimetres

Planting accounted for 26 plants this week.

Started our old brush cutter one morning. We cut some of the long grass on an area that is to become part of the garden. After cutting we laid out sheets of iron on this area. This is our organic herbicide. After a month or so all the grass and weeds will have expired, under the iron, and the area will be ready for planting.

A fair bit of time was spent inside this week. We eventually unpacked our new lap top and started to feel our way around this new addition to our technology collection. We managed to download Skype. This will be used to contact our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

We found time to pot on some struck cuttings including some Mirbelia dilatata. This is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) and is a native of Western Australia. The prickly foliage resembles Holly and the pea-shaped flowers are pink-violet. We bought the parent plant a few months ago & were very pleased to have cuttings take root. There is a host of attractive native members of the Pea family that have yet to be introduced into cultivation.

New on the Site: Callitris rhomboidea.


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