Week 1 May 2009: No rain this week.

This was a big planting week with 57 plants finding a home in our large Triangle Garden.

Apart from this planting activity this was a rather quiet week. On our regular shopping day we did buy another camera. This means that we each have a digital camera. We purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS80 camera at a good price from our local Retravision store. We already have a Lumix DMC-TZ15 and are very happy with its performance.

On the same day we had lunch at the local Bowling Club. The Club has a large tropical fish aquarium in the foyer. We noticed that two Angel Fish were paying one of the broad-leaved aquatic plants a lot of attention. On close inspection we saw that one leaf was covered in eggs. Hopefully the progeny, from the eggs, will survive. Our tropical aquarium is developing and providing more interest than many TV programmes.

Saw a Quail in the garden one day this week. This is the first sighting for some time. We have found small circular depressions, in the mulch, in some of our gardens. We think that this is where Quail have scratched away the mulch in search of insects and other invertebrates.


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