Week 1 May 2007: No rain this week.

We continued planting in our three new gardens. The plants in one garden will screen our incinerator. The plants in another garden will replace a large area of Coolatai Grass. We are brush cutting the Coolatai Grass and spraying with Glyphosate.

Our blackberries were sprayed this week. The local Noxious Weed Council does the spraying. There are some rather large clumps in various areas of Yallaroo but over the years the area that blackberries cover has been reduced dramatically.

A flock of Silvereyes visited our gardens this week. There is always plenty of avian activity around our house and gardens.

There is also plenty of blooming activity at Yallaroo. This week Correa Mallee Pink, Eucalyptus maculata, Eucalyptus scoparia and Hakea petiolaris are all flowering. This is the first time that our Eucalyptus scoparia has flowered.

Our Big Pond (not to be confused with Telstra) is home to a number of large tadpoles. We donít know what species but they may be Burrowing Frog tadpoles. We are keeping an eye on their development.

There was more wildlife around Yallaroo this week. For two days we were visited by four Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. They attacked Hakea eriantha plants growing near our front verandah and also a Casuarina growing in another garden on the southern side of the house. They use their strong beaks tear the woody fruits to pieces to extract the seeds. Their appearance is said to herald rain. Not such luck this time.


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