New-pond.JPG (60531 bytes)Week 1 May 2006: Rain = 3mm
We found another Correa flowering this week. Correa Western Pink Star is a colourful form of Correa alba. The plant was hiding under other plants.
Some tomatoes were planted, in a garden bed, in company with native plants in spring. This week we saw a Swamp Wallaby near the plants and on investigation found a large piece had been eaten out of a tomato.
A few weeks ago we purchased two cordless phones and this week we bought a headset. This allows hands-free operation of the phones and will be useful when we do our talk-back radio programmes.
We made another purchase this week. We bought a 1350 litre (300 gallon) circular plastic stock trough. Its dimensions are 1.7 metre diameter and 60 centimetres deep. We dug a hole and this week the trough was installed and will become another frog pond. The trough will also become home to a range of native aquatic plants. A rock wall was constructed on the low side of the trough. The space, between the trough and the rock wall was backfilled with the soil from the hole. The image shows the trough and rock wall ready for planting. More images will be posted as the plants and landscaping mature.
Three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos visited Yallaroo this week. They attacked the woody fruits on our Hakea eriantha plants. The Cockatoos favour this Hakea species in preference to any other of our Hakeas.
A pair of Golden Whistlers also visited this week. The male has a brilliant yellow chest.

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