Week 1 May 2005: No precipitation. Four weeks since any rain recorded.
This week we sighted five Brown Quails near our grey water tank. They flew from the grass rather rapidly. Perhaps it was a family group. We often disturb Quail but this is the largest number that we have seen together.
We also observed two Little Grebes on our Big Dam. These small birds dive under the water when disturbed. They often visit the dam. During our dry period the Big Dam has stood up quite well and now the cold weather has arrived evaporation rates will be reduced. Hopefully we will see the dam fill up again in the near future.
A flowering Hakea was found in one of our gardens this week. We have yet to identify the species as we omitted to label the specimen when it was planted. The Hakea is about one metre tall with grey-green foliage and white flowers.
We try to label plants that are new to the garden but some individuals miss out. We cut labels from drink cans (10/can), write on them with an old biro and attach the label to a 30 centimetre length of tie wire. The wire and attached label is placed in the hole beside the plant.
We had a visit from the Tamworth Gnomesí Garden Club this week. They were very enthusiastic and took away bags of cutting material. We always encourage visitors to take cuttings if they are interested. The majority of our plants are mature enough to cope with enthusiastic pruning. The Garden Club presented us with a beautiful specimen of Grevillea obtusifolia.

Garden Diary