Week 1 May 2004: No rain.
This week there was a problem with the electric pump on our grey water tank. After eight years the inlet became clogged with hair and sundry items. Cleaned the pump and placed a more efficient filter on the inlet. Our grey water has proved to be great help in the establishment of the gardens at Yallaroo.
Spent a few days weeding and replanting a section of our Lawn Garden that was planted a few years ago. Weeds have grown prolifically in some areas and some plants expired during the drought. Replanting, weeding and applying a dense mulch of sawdust will greatly improve the look of this garden.
We have a number of Hakea petiolaris scattered throughout the gardens. At the moment they are in full flower with their clusters of sea urchin shaped blooms. We are planting more of this hardy Western Australian native.
This week it was a pleasure to see our resident flock of Blue Wrens spending time in a newly planted section of our Lawn Garden. These delightful small birds move through the garden like miniature vacuum cleaners picking up insects.
Late last year we collected some Correa Federation Belle cuttings from our sonís garden in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. This week we potted on 17 struck cuttings with more to come.
Visited another native garden, near Armidale, this week. This was one of the first native gardens to be established in the Northern Tablelands over 20 years ago. Successions of owners have not being gardeners so that the garden has deteriorated in the last few years. The new owners are keen to bring the garden back to its previous splendour and we spent one morning identifying the surviving natives and giving them some rejuvenation ideas.

Garden Diary