Week 1 May 2003: No rain recorded this week.
Marked out a new bed in our Lawn Garden. We put down sheets of corrugated iron to kill the weeds (see Organic Herbicide). Also spent some time digging up another section in the Lawn Garden.
Warialda Garden Club visited Yallaroo this week. A coach load of keen gardeners patiently listened to us extol the virtues of native plants. They were also visiting two exotic gardens in the area.
Travelled to our sonís place in Mittagong on the Southern Highlands. The trip is about 600 kilometres and takes a bit over 7 hours if we only stop for petrol and lunch. We helped our son decorate his villa and do some planting. Hanging curtains, painting and planting over 100 natives in his splendidly landscaped garden. We also visited the large exotic garden that our son looks after.
Saw an echidna (Spiny Anteater) walking along a footpath near the centre of Mittagong. We also found time to visit a small cemetery and found the graves of some of our ancestors. Both sides of our family came from the Mittagong area. We are becoming quite interested in researching our family history.

Garden Diary