Week 1 March 2016: No rain again this week. We now spend most of our time watering the tubes, vegetables and new plantings.

We are writing two series of articles about local native plants. One series will be about local wattles for the Acacia Study Group of the Australian Plant Society (APS) and the other will be more general and describe other local native plants. This latter series will be for the NSW Newsletter of APS. The wattle articles will include photos of flowers and pods. After trawling though our photo database we have a list of 34 species that have flower and pod photos.

The heat appears to be having a detrimental effect on our transplanted cuttings and seedlings. Many are dying as after we pot them on into tubes. We will have to curtail this activity until the weather cools down.

This week we started the hand mower and mowed around the house and in front of the shed. We saved the clippings and they will make compost.

This week we purchased a Hakea Burrendong Beauty plant. This is a beautiful, prostrate hybrid with flowers similar to Hakea petiolaris.

Here are some other non-horticultural items. This week we received our Opal cards. The cards will be used on public transport when we visit Sydney.

Electricity suppliers are starting to offer home batteries to use with solar panels. Origin Energy is our supplier and they have an arrangement with Telsa Powerwall to install the battery. We have contacted the company and they will contact us when they have the costs of installation. This system will allow some consumers to come off the electricity grid.

Wildlife observations: This week a Blue-banded Bee was visiting Plectanthrus flowers on our back patio. Two White-naped Honeyeaters spent some time using our bird baths. We did not observe a visit by a Swamp Wallaby but saw the result. A number of tomatoes and beetroot plants, in pots, were eaten to soil level. It is so dry that macropods are seeking anything green. In future we will put pots out of reach.


Garden Diary