Week 1 March 2015: Rain = 16 millimetres

The first day of the week we travelled to the Tree Tenders Nursery in Inverell, northwest of Yallaroo. It was the occasion of their fifth birthday and we were invited to speak about attracting birds to the garden. There were also talks on keeping poultry and growing vegetables. We spent an interesting day at the nursery. The nursery staff mounted an interesting display of Eremophilas (Emu Bushes) as a backdrop to our talk. There were plenty of interesting native plants for sale in the nursery at reasonable prices.

Early in the week we dug more holes in the garden north of the house. This garden is developing very nicely. Plants seem to enjoy this area and many are almost jumping out of the ground. As well as digging holes we also removed weeds from this garden. We sprayed the garden around our big pond with glyphosate to destroy the few remaining weeds.

Our Correa Autumn Blaze plants are flowering. Their orange flowers light up the areas where they are growing.

Potting on continued with rooted cuttings of Brachyscome multifida, Eremophila Thunderbird, E. August Storm and E. decipiens going into tubes.

Picking vegetables also continued. Beans, cucumbers, egg plants and capsicums were harvested.

Wildlife observations: A Red-necked Wallaby paid a short visit to the mown area in front of the house. An Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly spent some time around one of our citrus plants. The butterfly was obviously a female as she laid many eggs on the leaves. These are large, black and white butterflies and appear ever year. Once the caterpillars hatch they will be relocated to a bush lemon plant that we have been growing as a caterpillar refuge. We have been watering this lemon frequently and the plant has produced lots of new growth, flowers and developing fruit. So the lemon is now a refuge and fruit producer.


Garden Diary