Week 1 March 2014: Rain = 8.5 millimetres

This week time was spent planting and reducing the backlog of plants ready to go into the garden. The planting total this week was 34 tubes.

During the mandarin season we planted seeds collected after eating these tasty fruit. We had some success germinating the seeds and finished up with some very healthy mandarin plants in tubes. This week we potted one on into a large pot with a view to letting the plant develop into a large specimen before planting in the garden. We have three citrus plants. A lemon and cumquat are in the ground and a double grafted lemon/lime in a large pot. All these plants have put on new, lush growth plus lots of buds.

We have a large meat ant nest some distance from the house on the edge of our circular road. This week we threw out some fish bones also some distance from the house. The ants did not take long to find the bones and stripped them bare. Some ants even carried fish bones back to their nest. We measured the distance from the bones to the nest which was 80 metres. As a mathematical exercise we worked out, comparing the antís length with our height, how far we would have to travel in comparison. The distance we would have to travel was 34 kilometres. Of course in day we do not know how many trips an individual ant would make.

Our Acacia iteaphylla plants are beginning to flower. This species always brings a spring feel to our autumn and winter garden.

Some wildlife sightings this week: a solitary Sulphur-crested Cockatoo perched in one of our eucalypts one morning. On the mown area in front of the house a Red-necked Wallaby, with a joey in its pouch, was feeding on our sparse grass. A White-necked Heron was sighted walking along the margin of our big dam. A pair of quail is observed frequently around the house. This week they were close enough to identify. They are Brown Quail and are very welcome additions to our wildlife menagerie at Yallaroo. Finally just on dark we saw two small bats flying around catching insects near the house.


Garden Diary