Week 1 March 2010:     No rain this week

Flocks of Brown Headed and White Naped Honeyeaters visited one of our bird baths this week. They frequently use our bird baths but we rarely see them in the plants in the garden.

We also came across a large Blue-tongued Lizard in the garden one day this week. We do not often see them because the vegetation is so thick. About six species of lizard have been sighted in the gardens.

The rain has meant that our plants are making rapid growth. Unfortunately this also applies to the weeds. This week we spent time weeding around our new plantings. These weeds are too close to plants to spray with Glyphosate.

This week we received a specimen in the mail. It was a Geijera parviflora, the Wilga, complete with mistletoe. This was identified as Korthalsella rubra that usually grows on Wilgas.

Eucalyptus torquata, one of our Western Australian eucalypts, burst into bloom this week. This specimen is only about three years old.


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