Week 1 March 2009:  Rain = 8mm

We had plenty of physical activity this week. Last week we had four metres of soil delivered. During the week we filled two of our vegetable rings and started to put a layer of rocks in the other two. The rocks are to help drainage and also they reduce the amount of soil required to fill each ring. Even with the rocks there is still about 40 centimetres depth of soil.

We also filled our aquarium with water and bought water plants and four male guppies to begin to populate the tank.

Working in the garden we often come across many insects, spiders etc. Fortunately we are rarely attacked. This week we were stung by a small scorpion, not in the garden but in the kitchen. The scorpion probably came in on some produce. There was very little discomfort from the sting and the animal was returned to the garden.

Speaking of produce this week we picked our first cucumbers of the season. They were planted in one of our gardens amongst the native plants. From now on all produce will be planted in our vegetable rings.

We managed to find time to pot on some struck cuttings including Banksia Giant Candles and Grevillea linearifolia. The latter species is a medium shrub with yellowish flowers that grows in granite country north of Glen Innes which in turn is north of Armidale.

Eucalyptus archeri, a native of Tasmania, burst into bloom this week. The small tree was covered in creamy-white flowers.

New on the site: Grevillea linearifolia

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