Propagator.JPG (34164 bytes)Week 1 March 2008: No rain

This week we saw a few Blue-banded Bees visiting various flowers in the garden. This summer we observed fewer of these native bees than the same time last year.

There was more garden maintenance this week. New plants were mulched and weeds were sprayed with Glyphosate.

This week we counted the number of plant species described and illustrated on our site. There is more than 525 native species on the site with lots more to come.

We observed developing frogs in two of our ponds this week. They still have tails but also four legs. It is very pleasing to have frogs living and breeding in our ponds.

Late this week we picked up our self enclosed propagating unit from a carrier in town. The unit came from Sage Horticulture in Melbourne. Assembly only took a short time (see image). Next week we will start to move cuttings and seed pots from our old unit to the new set-up.

New on the Site: Brachyscome angustifolia, Buckinghamia celsissima, Dampiera stricta, Eucalyptus pulchella, Persoonia pinifolius and Xerochrysum Diamond Head.


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