Week 1 March 2004: Rain this week = 5.5mm.
This week we placed two sculptures in our Correa Garden. These two pieces are the old stems of small eucalypts with the roots attached. The stems were placed in the ground with the roots at the top. We find these sculptures add interest to the garden, are used as perching places by birds and lizards and are a support for climbers such as Clematis.
We have a Banksia Giant Candles in our Patio Garden. This week we noticed that a number of buds are developing. We are looking forward to the development of the flowers. “Giant Candles” has large golden-yellow flower spikes that are similar in appearance (but larger) to the spikes on Banksia ericifolia.
Sowed some Broad Bean seeds this week. The plants should produce tasty pods in late winter. The plants will find a home in large (200mm) pots.
Planted another edible exotic this week. On our trip to Sydney we bought a plant of Nelly Kelly Passionfruit. This Passionfruit was planted against our water tank. During the day the heat, radiated from the tank, helps the plant to survive and thrive in winter.
More plants went into our Correa Garden. Over 60 specimens have been planted in this garden.

Garden Diary