Week 1 March 2003: Another 42 mm this week. The rain has well and truly soaked into the ground. About 13 years ago, before moving to Yallaroo, we had a number of areas deep ripped. These ripped areas are gradually being planted. Because we have no sheep and cattle, the rip lines have not been compacted and still allow rain to soak into the ground. Plants establish rapidly in these areas because the soft soil allows roots to infiltrate the ground rapidly.
We have been renovating some older gardens and removing dead plants. A few Banksias and elderly Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) succumbed to the drought. These will be replaced with other plants.
A few weeks ago we mentioned (Week 4 Jan) planting Banksias in clumps surrounded by a mound of mulch to aid their survival. We have decided to go one step further to ensure that they will survive and thrive. A length of poly pipe will be planted with each Banksia clump so that water may be supplied directly to their roots. We will use 37 mm diameter poly pipe. The pieces will be 30 cm long. At least half this length will be buried with the Banksias leaving a section sticking out of the ground. When required the pipe will be filled with water. This water will drain directly to the root zone. We will report on the success (or otherwise) of this idea in the future.
A pair of galahs is investigating a hollow in one of our large White Box (Eucalyptus albens) trees. Hopefully they will decide to nest here.
This week we sowed seeds in kitchen paper. This method has proved very successful for Acacias, Banksias and Hakeas.
Our Internet access has always been very slow (12,000 bps). This week we contacted Telstra and by some electronic wizardry our speed is now about 33,000 bps. What a difference. Thanks Telstra.

Garden Diary