Week 1 June 2015: Rain = 18.5 millimetres

After the rain our TV stopped working. After climbing up to the antenna we found that the cover on the connection box was full of water. After empting, drying the terminals and repairing the cover the TV worked again.

There was some run off into our big dam after the rain. When looking at the water level we noticed that there were a large number of seedling callistemons and melaleucas growing along the margin of the dam. We have mature specimens growing near the dam and they must shed their seeds into the water which are then washed ashore.

This week we had several rather severe frosts. Some of our newer plants were damaged but hopefully they will recover.

We may be tempting fate but this week 12 more plants went into the ground.
Some time was spent cutting fire wood. A large dead tree had fallen down and yielded a heap of fire wood. Previous owners had randomly ringbarked eucalypts. There seemed to be neither rhyme nor reason for their destructive activities.

Hakea orthorrhyncha is a picture with masses of red flowers along each branch. A Hakea petiolaris is also flowering profusely. A Eucalyptus laevopinea, west of the house, is covered in flowers. It now spends its days full of a range of honeyeaters.

Wildlife observations: Three Wedged-tailed Eagles spent time soaring, at high altitudes, west of the house. A White-necked Heron patrolled the margins of our big dam one afternoon.  A pair of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos spent some time in an expired Hakea salicifolia. Although dead this plant is still carrying unopened woody fruits. Very few were left after the birds visited. A Yellow-tufted Honeyeater fed on the Grevillea arenaria flowers in plants near our front gate. Finally a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater was observed one morning in a flowering Hakea petiolaris.


Garden Diary