Week 1 June 2014: Rain = 15.5 millimetres.  Some good rain for early in the month.

On a couple of days this week we cut up and split a fallen eucalypt for firewood. A number of trees, on Yallaroo, were ring-barked before we bought the property. Over the years these dead trees fall down and are a good source of firewood. The tree we cut up was a Eucalyptus albens (White Box). We cut up the tree into burnable lengths, then split the wood and transported to our wood heap near our shed. There is probably a winters-worth of firewood in this one tree.

Potted on continued this week with seedling parsley going into a large pot. Struck cuttings were also potted on including: Hibbertia vestita, Grevillea acropogon and Eremophila biserrata.

One afternoon we visited our friends from Canberra. They have a place east of Yallaroo. We always enjoy visiting. There is always something to talk about and plants to look at in their developing garden.

There were a few wildlife sightings this week: we sighted a rabbit with distinct white markings. Mostly these feral pests are the usual brown colour. On a brighter note we saw a large flock of Red-browed Finches in one section of the garden feeding on grass seeds. There was also a Red-necked Wallaby feeding on our mown area near the house.


Garden Diary