Week 1 June 2013: No rain this week.

Early in the week we travelled home from Sydney. We had a pleasant trip but on reaching home things took a turn for the worst. A pipe had come out of a valve on our solar hot water tank sometime during our absence. Unfortunately thousands of litres of water flooded the area at the back of the house around the tank. The carpet, in this area was ruined as well as other items. The fault had almost emptied our domestic supply. A local plumber repaired the pipe. Originally the pipe was not fitted properly. We also had to buy water to top up our domestic supply. This is something that we have not had to do in 17 years. There are other problems with the solar system that will have to be rectified. The carpet was removed and the floor dried. We cannot lay new carpet until the faults are repaired.

On a slightly more positive note the old carpet will be used on new areas of the garden to kill the weeds before planting.

We spent a few days this week tidying up some of our newer garden beds. Weeds and grasses were cut off. The garden beds now look a lot neater.

After our aquatic disasters we relaxed potting on some rooted cuttings. Included in the successful potting on were: Asterolasia species, Prostanthera lasianthos, Grevillea mollis and Melaleuca pulchella.

This finished a rather eventful if damp week.


Garden Diary